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27 Sep 2011
Hi guys, been a long time since been on here - but time flies by when your having fun.
been here 3 yrs and 3 mths now and absolutely love it - the best choice we have ever made,
kids settled well and truly, and we enjoy more quality time as a family and also enjoy the outdoors more,
so much to see and do and it doesnt always have to cost anything as so many free activities that go on here, even a day at beach and a bag of chips is great,
we socialise more here than ever in UK and have made some great friends, although most of them are english, but we are all on same wavelength and have a great time together
the only disadvantage is family in UK, but some of them have been out to visit,
we do not miss anything about the UK at all
Our son leaves school in 6 wks time and has past his driving test and has far more about him here than of he was with his mates in UK, our daughters are 13 and always out and about having sleepovers,
anyone who is moving out here, you need to give it time as you will have good and bad days, but im glad to say that all my days are good now and have got over the hoemsick stage, which didnt last long for me, but you need to give yourselves 2 yrs at least to settle here, and dont give up straight away as so many people do
good luck to everyone, it is def worth it
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