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07 Jun 2012
Well guys do not come on here often, but thought it would be nice to update everyone,
been here 4 years already, cant believe where time has gone,
we absolutely love it and the kids are well and truly settled too,
had to sell my cleaning business as beeen diagnosed with a hip tear and osteoarthritis in hip and knee too, so that was a shock to the system, having physio and seeing a chiro which is helping, but may have to have new hip, which im not looking forward to as still young, but got to see if any other options,
so expensive out here for medical care, and we all think that we dont need it!
but at least we have the weather and lifestyle which is brilliant and we wouldnt give that up,
we sold our house as interest rates went up so much and decided to go back into rental for a while which doesnt bother us at all,
we have made some fantastic friendships along the way and always have bbqs together,
life here is perfect, we spend more time together as a family than what we did in UK,
so guys 'come on down under' you wont regret it