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Good stuff
23 Oct 2008
As they say 'if the the kids are happy the parents are happy'. How true that one is!
23 Oct 2008
Been here 2 weeks now and things are going well. Bit too well, really.

Kids have settled really well into school. Charlie is really responding well to the Aussie way of doing things and her attitude to all things school related is hugely improved. She is even happy to do all the homework she gets (she hardly had any in England). I think she really likes the competitive/reward systems that they have in place. I know it doesn't suit every child but it really seems to suit her. She's made some friends and is very good friends with the girl chosen to be her 'buddy', she's even going to a sleepover on Friday. Fingers Xd it continues.

Little Jack breezes through life and is doing fine. He got the merit certificate in assembly this week and looked so little up on the stage (our school is huge with ovr 800 kids) but also very proud of himself. They both love playing in the pool after school or going to the beach. We've also joined the Joondalup Library which is amazing, we came from a small town with a library to match, so joining the biggest one in WA was quite a shock to us. It felt more like an airport terminal than an airport. I loved the coffee machine and sofas and, as it is air conditioned, you know where to find me when it gets really hot!

Doug has a job in the CBD and is starting Monday. I think he's had enough of going round shopping centres and taking me out for coffee! We've been trying to fathom the differences between all the supermarkets and all the big dept stores and are beginning to tell our Big W from our KMart - but only just!

We've virtually got the house we wanted. The owners are just waiting for the sale to go through and then we've got it for at least 6 months. This suits us fine as we're now thinking of buying something small so don't necessarily want a 12 month lease. The house has a pool and air con so (as long as it all goes through) we should be able to survive our first Aussie summer. If it all goes wrong we're camping on the beach with our container for shelter!!!

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