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29 Jan 2009

14) Joondalup Arena Centre - great public pool, slide and rapids. Lovely paddling area for littles. Also big lanes pool.

15)Joondalup Library - I know it doesn't sound exciting, but my kids love it! The biggest library in WA, I was told proudly by a librarian there. The kids section is bigger than our entire library back in UK and the reference section downstairs is a haven of quiet. Like being back at Uni - bliss. Lots of sofas and even a coffee machine. Run some great things for kids in the hols (also at other libraries.) And it's free!!!
26 Jan 2009
A couple more

12) Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre - at Hillary's. Much smaller and cheaper than AQWA, but also much less spectacular. Better for older kids if they have a fishy project to do or a passion for things aquatic as most of the information was to be read either on boards or interactively on screens. Kids did enjoy the touch pool, though, and got to touch a starfish, sea cucumbers (squichy) a sea urchin and 2 tiny sharks.

13) Mawson Park - hidden away in Hillary's (suburb not Harbour), one of the best play areas I've ever seen in a public park, good for all ages and a lovely green area with plenty of shade, plus the obligatory BBQs, of course! Also a duck pond complete with very cute ducklings waddling behind Mama Duck. Aaaah!
16 Jan 2009
I am a total noodle head, according to my children. Because how could I forget

11) AQWA - not cheap but totally fab (annual passes make it cheaper). Kids loved everything about it especially the touch pool and the moving walkway where sharks and turtles float around you like you were in the middle of Finding Nemo! AND it's at Hillary's so what more do you need?
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15 Jan 2009
Forgot these two to add to the list

9) Mullaloo Beach - always gorgeous. Great waves somedays, ripples another. Looks like paradise.

10) Caversham Wildlife Park - all the requisite Aussie animals and others too. One of our first trips to soothe homesick children who were wondering why we'd travelled halfway across the world, made everyone cry and then spend all of our time in Banks and Medicare Offices!!! They loved it and are still nagging for another trip there.
14 Jan 2009
Halfway through the hols and I haven't put the kids up on ebay yet...

Thought it might be helpful for new arrivals to Perth to hear about some good outings.

1) Yanchep National Park - lovely place, loads of walks of varying lengths, koalas, kangaroos, picnic area, BBQs, cafe (lovely iced coffee!) $10 per car or $20 per car for an annual pass. Cheap as chips and enjoyed by all

2) Yanchep Lagoon - beautiful to look at, no scary waves, clean beach, easy access.

3) Perth Zoo - had a fab day! Tigers, lions and bears, oh my! Top of kids' list were the orangutans, the crocodile (huge beast), the massive turtles and the elephants. Very tropical with some amazing plants. Under $40 for 1x adult 2x kids. Ice creams & coffee extra! Lovely picnic area. Easy parking.

4) King's Park - treetop walk was fab, some lovely walks, amazing views of the city. Lotterywest Family Area kept kids amused all afternoon, cafe and picnic area. Easy parking.

5) Fremantle - Charlie and I loved the market stalls and 'bitty' shops. Boys loved the boats and submarines. Lots more to explore.

6) Museum of WA - kids love it here, have been a few times. A mixture of natural history and human. They especially love the discovery room and the butterfly corridor.

7) Art Museum - better for older kids but good learning room for littles with some good ideas to help you to get them looking at art. Some interesting pieces - lots of giggling at the rude bits! Great cafe, worth going to for the piece of art made of coffee cups and seeing if you can spot what it makes. It took us a while but once we'd got it you realise how clever it is.

8) And Hillarys, of course (how could I forget?) Just lovely everytime. Shops are wonderful to mooch round, beach is safe and so clean, so much coffee and ice cream to choose from. Our favourite place.

Lots more to do inc Sci Tech, the Maritime Museum in Fremantle, Gingin Observatory & etc. Hope this is helpful to newcomers or to people heading here for rekkies. More as and when...

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