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High School Dilemma
12 Feb 2009
In reply to Ls&Paul

Actually, it is about religion. Religion affecting the education system. As I said in my last entry 'no one has the balls to stand up to the C of E' - so religion affects the education system, the system - without religion - would be much fairer for everyone regardless of their personal beliefs and without a doubt better for the children therefore for the future of the country.

And as I also said, I came from a ghetto so know many people who - because of their schooling - do NOT live balanced and normal lives.

The system sucks but then I've always believed that religion sucks too. Think of me what you will, I love Australia and have no regrets about coming here. I never expected it to be a Nirvana but this adherence to its colonial past has come as something of a disappointment.

And thanks to everyone else for your supportive thoughts. It's nice to know I'm not alone!
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11 Feb 2009
In reply to the comments on this entry
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06 Feb 2009
Reply to Ls&Paul

This was not a Christian banging exercise. My husband is from a Christian family so please do not tar me with that brush.

Yes, this is a Christian country, as is the UK, but does that mean you expect every Catholic, Muslim, Jew to also embrace C of E Christianity? I feel athiesm is as valid as any other religion as a source of thought and a way of living. And yes, I do feel let down as by having subsidised church schools takes away the money from secular schools and gives the non-affluent, non-religious majority very little choice in choosing schools for their children.

I object to your thought that I have let Australia down by not choosing to subscribe to it's major religion. I don't remember anything on the Visa application forms about having to take up Christianity.
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06 Feb 2009
Having escaped the nightmare of deciding about Secondary Schools in the UK, the problem seems to have traveled 10,000 miles and found us here!

Charlie has just started year 6 so we have, on paper, 2 years. But because we're looking to buy a house we need to buy one in catchment for the High School. Only we can't because we haven't sold our house in the UK and the prices in this suburb are extortionate - there are a few cheaper houses but they are few and far between and some need so much work it would be kinder to put them out of their misery and knock the bloody things down and start again! I know we could carry on renting but we hate living in rented and it's just throwing money away when the same money could be put into paying a mortgage off. And if we're out of catchment for our first choice school then the alternatives are not that good - dodgy schools with bad reputations for discipline and etc.

We could up and move to another area which has more choice but that would mean moving the children from school again and we really don't want to do that. Moving them from the UK was hard enough, to move them again when they've settled in so well (and the school is so good) would be mean of us.

Our other choice is a private school so catchment doesn't matter. I know the fees are per annum here what they are per term in UK but I have always been morally against private schools as I think they're elitist and not necessarily giving the child the best education - exam results aren't everything.

The other problem is that all the private schools round here are church schools and that is my other moral problem. As a life long, very passionate athiest I just don't believe that religion has any place in schools. And if Doug so much as sniffs the teaching of 'Creationism' in the science curriculum he wouldn't even consider the possibility. If parents want to educate their children into their own beliefs then Sunday School should be the place and that is their choice. It is not my choice and I don't want it foisted on my children.

But the way I see it, I don't see that we have much of a choice. I thought I'd done my research so well, a good Primary which was a feeder into a good High School. But life and an economic downturn have put paid to my best laid plans.

And what really annoys me is that these private church schools are subsidised by the government - well, by tax payers. The money should go into state, secular schools which are open to all. I know the system is the same in the UK but it sucks - whatever hemisphere you're in. Australia, you've let me down.

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