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Back to School
03 Feb 2009
WOOHOO - those holidays seemed to last forever!!!! My kids have had a ball over the summer attending YMCA out of school care for most of it. Even on days I wasn't working there were things on that the kids wanted to attend. So many activities arranged that it was cheaper to send them there for the day with their packed lunches!! Roller blading, indoor wall climbing, movies, world of energy, fremantle for fish & chips, fremantle chocolate factory (no i didn't know there was one there either!!), craft days in house, water fights with fire engines, etc etc etc......... If you are in receipt of FTB-Part A and work over 16 hours a week then the govt pay a certain percentage of the cost.

My son is now at high school (how the hell did that happen?!?!?!?) & has survived his first few days there. He says it wasn't as scary as he thought it was going to be. Finding his way around has been easier than he thought too. He has a heavy workload ahead of him as part of the academic programme there but I'm sure he'll give it all he's got. He wants to be a fighter pilot & has already looked into uni courses to see what subjects he needs to get good grades in!!!! Talk about being prepared!!

India Year 5
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