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1 year since visa was granted
28 Sep 2008
We realised on Friday that it was a year ago that we got the call from our agents at Visa-Go to say that our visa had been granted. When we think back over how much we've accomplished in that year, we're quite impressed with ourselves!!! Our house went up for sale that afternoon, which was pure coincidence, & sold 4 days later. We managed to organise our house sale, arrange for our stuff to be shipped, book flights, organise short term accommodation, leaving party, one last family wedding then we flew out on 11th December. Most of our friends & family thought we were nuts for going so soon after our visa was granted but once we had it, it seemed nuts to us to hang about.

It's definitely been the right thing for us to do, especially where the kids are concerned. They have settled in really well & that has helped me to settle.
Us at Cottesloe beach with Mark's Uncle Tom
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