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07 Oct 2008
I have been out in the garden this week to make sure it is ready for the first inspection by the rental agency. Unfortunately, they have picked the day i need to be with my daughter when she attends induction at high school and cannot be in the house when the agent comes.
We have been alerted that she is extremely picky. The agent ...not my daughter!!! And so i need to spend some time each day weeding and turning the soil, cutting and mowing. The expense of buying gardening tools is ripping holes in our pickets. We did manage to find a tool kit complete with secateurs and a small saw for $28 at Big W. Cant remeber the make but the box was green and had 5 tools inside. This thursday we need to buy a mower. Again Big W has one of the cheapest at $198. It is petrol run as this is the best kind if you have a big garden. Some come with engine oil but not the petrol so we will need to buy a portable tank for filling ip unleaded petrol at the service station.

The other not very pleasant task I had to do was spray the house inside and out for spiders. There are so many redbacks and like everyone says its quite easy to see where they are. The webs are really messy. I saw another spider that to me looks like a huntsman but I could be wrong. The bugger would take the bait and disapeared inside the eaves. Wish my hubby would do the spraying as it gives me the creeps. Oh to get on.

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