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27 Oct 2008
Well, I cleaned solidly for 4 days before the first rental inspection on 14th October. I wasnt around a the time as daughter had an induction day at high school. I left a few messages for the inspector:

take off your shoes
fence still broken *this happened before we moved in
mentioned that weedkiller had been sprayed but it takes 2 weeks to kill all along the pathways.

Anyway, a few days later we get a letter from the agents. All was passed except mould on ceiling in kids bathroom and we were told to open windows when showering. Bare in mind that this window does not have a fly screen. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I called the agent and informed them that the mould was already in place when we took over the lease. She didnt beleive me - obviously she didnt spot that - and she a picky wort!

So after all the hard work we passed muster. Oh well lets hope next inspection in 4 weeks time will go just as well.

***A week after the inspection the gate blew down. It's a big bugger and I couldnt lift it. I called agent and she said that she will try and get the maintainance man to fix it. I doubt it will get fixed anytime soon as she says there is a backlog of work still wating to be carried out,(This gate has been broken for nearly 2 months.)