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Mobile Phones
07 Nov 2008
After about a week from the time I took the mobile to the repair shop I was in Southlands and was passing the shop when I noticed there was a sign that said that all faulty mobiles will be exchanged or the money will be refunded. I was really angry at this noticed as I was told at thetime I brought the faulty phone inot the shop that it could not be exchanged but had to be sent to the repair shop.
I got the name of the manager/owner of the shop and wrote him an email telling what I thought of his business practice and threatened him with action should he not replace the phone. I had a reply later this afternoon saying he will erplace the phone and when I get the other back from the repair company to drop it in.

I should have stood my ground in the first place. I am happy to get a replacement but I dont think I can trust another Aussie business.

31 Oct 2008
e must be the most technologically disadvantaged family in the world. Nothing ever works properly...from DVD machines to Mobile phones. Our latest trouble is with my sons new mobile phone. It's a Samsung. We had it 3 days and then it stopped working altogether. You can see the first screen but the buttns would not take us to the next pages and so on. We couldn't phone anyone from it nor use it to text. So I took it back to the shop and low and behold was told that i could not have another model in exchange but that I had to take it to the repair shop they use and it would take 2 days. If I wanted him to send t to the repair shop I could but the repair time would be 2 weeks. So taking the first option I got the address of Fonebiz and went all the way to Osbourne Park. It took me an hour to find the shop and when I got there the girl at reception said it would take 2 weeks.....if I had known that I would have had the shop send it. Now we have to wait to have it repaired...a brand new phone that doesnt was already faulty!!

Surely, there is a return policy in Perth whereby if something is faulty it should be exchanged for a new one. If it comes back faulty again I shall cause such a rucus with the 3G shop I bought it from.

I now learn from my hubby that he knew that Samsung phones have a reputation as a make that frequently breaks dpwn. I told him that next time he should act on instinct and buy what he thinks is a good make and bugger the price.

Please be warned that this could happen to you.

BTW, I still love Perth!!! I am just having a grumble about the poor service offered by this phone company
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