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06 Apr 2009
Hi Everyone,

Just thought i should update you all on what's been happening here in Perth. It's been 8 months since we moved here from UK. We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy this great place. The kids are settled into a good school, both are now in high school, and made a lot of friends. I have found part-time work that suits me personally and we are now in the process of applying for PR.
My hubby's company are pleased to continue to sponsor him, despite the economic climate, as trust him as a valued member of staff. Once we get PR we intend to buy our first house. The kids are looking forward to that and the hope of owning a dog one day.
Being here, for myself, has opened my eyes to lots of possiblities. I am getting my health back for one. I have taken up fitness training and walking (something i would never have done if I had stayed in UK) and looking we are all taking up badminton.
The area we live in, Willetton, is great and we have met lots of wonderful people here, both English and Malaysian, of course the Aussies too.

I do hope we are going to see a lot more Aussie movers in the coming months as Perth still needs some vital professionals.


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