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22 Sep 2008
Hi Just a quickie here. We have just moved into our long term let in Willetton. We have had to buy so much stuff but thanks to Ikea and Big W we have kept the cost below $3000.
A note to all.....bring as much as you can cos it all costs much more than in UK.

We bought a TV (flat screen) and its brilliant and the most expensive item apart from the car. The Tv cost $999. Bring your own. Some people say an English tell y works here. We didnt bring ours cos it was so old.

Will be buying a pc this week. Internet and satalite TV packages are really expensive here. Be prepared to pay up to $200 a month. Local TV is ok and they show great films at the weekend and much better choise than Uk.

I joined the local library. DVDs, CDs and videas are free to loan...amazing.

Kids are settled in school and they have managed to find one or two English friends but mostly local, And I must say that the locals are really friendly.

I will keep in touch.
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