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3 days in
06 Jan 2009
well, where do i start. firstly, a huge thanks to everyone who took the time to post messages on our blog, we read them at singapore airport. we have only just got internet today so have not been able to get on. arrived perth 07.30, no problems going though customs etc, all the worries i had about going over on baggage were wasted, we had 77kg and no one battered an eyelid! got a taxi to mullaloo, $72 , and arrivd at holiday rental on mullaloo drive, 15 mins walk to beach. walked to whitfords shopping centre and burnt my nose, serves me right for not applying cream! Hpose is very nice and clean, not sleeping well but thats not unusaul for me as i am a chronic insomniac, i have had 10 hours sleep in a week, no kidding! its not even the thought of the spiders that are keeping me awake, its everything that has to be done, we have a list and are slowly working our way through it. we went to bank today, picked up hire car and applied for TFN and got internet. tomorrow i go to charlies hospital in nedlands where i will be working to do paperwork and get measured for uniforms. also want to register for medicare and go to immigration to get visa put in passport. harry is loving the beach as is david , they are both water mad, im content to sit and watch them have fum! i miss my girls terribly and just know they are going to l,ove iot when they visit. fern told me new years day that she wanted to come over now, she had a row with boyfriend, now its back to original plans of coming over in summer, well, for now anyway!! First impressions, i wanted to go home, i cried getting on plane in london, david cried twice on plane, i ve cried countless times since! its all scary still at mo. nothing is familiar, we have lots to sort out still but can already see a light at the end of the tunnel. I think once david has a job, he will feel much better about it all. except for the price of lager... how much???????????!!!!! somethings are cheaper, some the same price and some much more expernsive here than uk, but hopefully we will get to know thwe best places to shop, already picked up some bargains at lakesdise shopping centre today!
anyways, will update you as we go. Wishing you all a very happy and healthy new yearXX
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