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1 week in
10 Jan 2009
well in this week we have been busy but still managed to go to the beach everyday!
in this week we have:
visited immigration to get visa put in passports
used the bus and the train
bought a car
went to our first garage sale
hopefully secured a long term rental
got bank accounts up and running, waiting for cash cards
bought some household items from ikea
bought a washing machine and fridge freezer from 'good guys'
visited lakeside shopping centre about 3 times!
oh, and whitfords!
went to register with medicare, but told to go back next week
david had a job interview
visited 'charlies' hospital where i will be working and got fitted for uniform and done paperwork and found out i,ll be on neurosurgery ward for first 6 months then cardiovascular
visited the beach every day
visited hilarys boat harbour and neil hawkins park
found a cheap place for alcohol
made 'topless' by a wave and lost my sunglasses (serves me right for wearing them in the sea!)
had a BBQ in the garden
and burnt my nose on the first day (again, serves me right!)
oh, and spent alot of money!
so far, i like it here, alot. sure there are negatives but there are so many positives so far. david seems much happier since he had the interview, waiting to hear if he got the job, harry loves it and just cant wait for my lovely girls to come over and decide to stay which i,m sure they will once they see all the boys here!!!

Harry bodyboarding at Mullaloo beach
Which one shall i have?
Mullallo beach - beautiful!
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