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Visa information
22 Nov 2008
Thanks guys, cant believe it was so fast! Wont be quite so easy for the PR visa!!
Now looking at holiday rentals and have to decide when we leave.
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22 Nov 2008
Visa granted today! cant believe it!! was at work and had a quick peep at emails and there they were, emails to say visas granted, well, never expected that! Made a hard day at work suddenley feel much better!! Now to get on and book christmas in singapore, sentosa island and arrive in Perth 27th , hopefully!! My brother who lives in Melbourne has a New Years Eve party every year and is desperate for us to go, his friends have offered to put us up and my Mum will be there as she goes on her 2 month trip on the 5th December. Will have to count the pennies, unless i can persuade bro to pay for our flights!! wishful thinking!! I have the weekend off so will enjoy it that liitle bit more now!
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20 Nov 2008
Medicals have been finalised, visa is being processed further, no further documents have been requested as of yet, am i going to do a 'claire' and get my visa in 3 weks!lol! Hope so, then can get on and book holiday rental(if there are any left!) and book flights.
05 Nov 2008
Attached documents to visa today and lodged it. Just waiting now for nursing registration to come through so can attach that. Medicals should be in Sydney this week so fingers crossed i wont have to do anything else now but wait for the visa!
22 Oct 2008
At last ,i received my TRN yesterday ,so started the visa application today. Just need to attach documents and can then lodge it. Just waiting for my registration with NMBWA and medicals to be sent (having them thursday)so getting there slowly but surely!!
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27 Sep 2008
went to solicitors today, got all documents certified for