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3 weeks in Queensland.....
09 Feb 2009
Well we have been here almost 3 weeks now and I'm starting to stress!! I thought where we moved to would have plenty of job opportunities for my husband be as yet nothing has come up, even with all the phone calls he has made and all the driving around to sites nothing to show for it. I am really nervous now.

I have settled better than I expected but I do have my off days and i'm afraid today is one of those days. With all the work stress I'm also stressing about my son starting a new school and making new friends. I think with our Irish accent the kids are finding it hard to click with eachother. I hope this improves soon.

The heat is unreal much more than I remember!!! but I suppose I wasn't doing daily cleaning/mothering duties back then that i'm doing now!!!

I'm at an internet cafe as my int isn't set up yet bugger!! please if anyone has any helpful hints or contacts please feel free to pass them on.
Thanks will send proper update when we get our internet...
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