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6 Weeks in Queensland
04 Mar 2009
I can't believe we are here almost 6 weeks already. I am feeling so much better than I did when I wrote my 3 week update.

My husband now has a job and he is settling into it well considering he hasn't been working in over 5 weeks. He is up and out the door at 5.30am to miss the city traffic as he is bricklaying in the city at the moment. He was very lucky he came across a really nice guy that decided to give him a chance. We are just glad we have an income now and we can stop stressing so much about the bills that are going to start coming in.

My son is really settling into school well now and he has no complaints about going in the mornings and is coming home in good form which is a big relief for me. My daughter is having a ball now that she has a stay at home mum for a change! We joined a play group and it is going really well, I'm really enjoying meeting new mums and Zoe is loving having kids her own age to play with.

I'm feeling very positive about being here and I'm very surprised how much more we are doing now as a family than we use to in Ireland. We go off as a family every weekend to the theme parks (as there are plenty of them) or to the beach and it feels like we are on holidays every weekend. This is partly the reason why we decided to move here in the first place and I'm loving the closeness of my husband and kids that I don't really remember having before. I suppose we were all too busy with our own work, friends and family that we forgot to spend time as a family.

Thanks to everyone who has sent supportive comments there really are welcomed and are very helpful x

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