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Another house viewing
16 Sep 2008
I don't know whether to laugh or cry to be honest. We got a call from our agent on the feedback from the couple who came to view. They went to see a lot of houses on Saturday and ours was near the end of the day. He said they really loved it. They had one other house to view after ours and talked about ours all the way to the next viewing so was very positive. Then they got to the last house and fell in love with that one. So they told him they would go home and think about it but he thinks they will put in an offer on the other house. What is crazy is that it is double the price of ours and its only going to be used as a holiday home!!! 1.2million holiday home!!!!!

I went onto the agents site and had a look at this house for myself and to be honest if I had that much money I'd buy it too it was fantastic looking and the views are amazing!

I suppose its just not our time yet :( boo hoo........
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15 Sep 2008
Thank you all for your positive thoughts. We haven't heard any feedback yet about the viewing. They were about an hour late as they were looking at other houses around so I'm not going to get my hopes up just yet!!
11 Sep 2008
We just got a call from our newest estate agent and they have a viewing for us on Saturday afternoon. We don't know much about them yet as it was the EA's receptionist who rang just to confirm the time was ok with us. Please God this one goes well! Keep you posted on what the think... Wish us luck x
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