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We are very sad
09 Dec 2008
As I had mentioned before the father of my 2 older girls had terminal cancer. Unfortunatly he died on the 3rd so my girls are devastated to say the least. The funeral will be on 17th and hopefully they will then get a little closure after that. We are now unsure as to whether to put christmas decorations up or to maybe put a photo bauble with his photo on... i just don't know. I am thinking that maybe on christmas day we can let off a balloon but still don't really know. My older girls are 11 and 18 but i do have a younger 22 month from my second marriage. We are still hoping to come to Oz but have property to sell so could take forever.

I don't mean to sound morbid and wish you all a lovely christmas and hope to meet some of you soon.

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