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18 Oct 2010
I was very lucky as hubby has passport so I applied for spouse visa and got it quick.. If you look up Liane-Lee blog they friends of mine who are now in Oz but they waited 2and half years for their visa. Also Liane will answer any questions and I also found Keeley also very good and helped me loads from visa to cost of living!!As for weight of my mind it has been filled with a different kind of worry now (never happy me!)so I guess it will be like that till we actually arrive and settle.
Take care
16 Oct 2010
finally our visa has bee the hard work begins!
Got very mixed emotions how can you be happy yet sad at same time. I will be leaving a my 20yr old as well as my mum all on their own and feel very guilty yet know I am doing the right thing. Bunbury here we come!!
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