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quick update
04 Apr 2011
Well Packers come tomorrow then container comes weds and thats us then camping in our home until the 28th!!!.. fed up with clearing and cleaning out now seems to have been going on for ages as we have managed to acquire a lot of junk/crap!
Family now are starting to get mum said it felt like she was going through a 'living death' and then added 'when you telling the grandkids they will never see me again'! That was hard to take....She also has psorioasis which is stress related and has come up all over her. We feel absolutely awful that we have caused her to feel like this.. My dad however (separated from mum) has turned all photos of the grandkids face down in house as he can't bear to look at them! Not seen with my own eyes though so maybe when I pop round he will put them face up!! Guilt is not the word....

We are flying with Emmirates to Dubai and have a five hour stop before we arrive in PERTH! 5 hours in those duty free shops I think I will cope!! Has anyone flown with them are they good? Well too late now as it's all booked! We fly on 28th april and staying in Novohotel night before...It's got swimming pool so thought it might take the edge off for the girls!

On the plus side we have got a lovely holiday let to go to from which was reasonable price in Dalyellup near Bunbury SOR..We are lucky that our friends Lee and Liane moved out there last august so have checked it out for us even managed to sort out cheap run a round for us although I have to say Liane said she can't wait to see my face when I see it!!!..Hubby has got some contacts through Lee so hopefully will start work within a short period of time. He has done his white ticket online..cost 90$ I think and took hour ish! We have sent out 3 boxes of stuff in January prior to packers coming so we have some bits when we get toys, clothes. tools etc...

On the sad side I am leaving my lovely Tasha 20 yrs.....she is coming out for christmas and I feel my heart and hers is breaking by going.. She lives with her boyfriend and his father she has good job and is settled in her life.I know she will be 21 soon but she still my little girl in my eyes and this to me feels so wrong so don't know how we will cope.. I have been to buy her a lovely sister bracelet from the girls and a daughter charm from me..not sure when to give to her or to let boyfriend give when we gone?? Felt strange buying her 21st present as her birthday not till sept but I shall leave them with family to give to her..

Well that's it for now back to my jeyes fluid and shoe cleaning on the agenda today!!

I would like to say this site has helped me a lot over last few years and I will keep everyone posted of out progress so hopefully my info might help someone out there..

See you on the 'other side''

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