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Were here!!!
04 May 2011
Well we arrived on friday 29th delayed for 4 hours at Dubai which was VERY expensive unless you wanted duty free. Liane and Lee kindly collected us and we got to Dalyellup (Bunbury) just before midnight, the kids went straight to bed and got up at 2pm.. I however got up at 8am to clean and aire the rental and thought this is ok no jet lag!! However yesterday it hit me hard and I could barely function!!

Saturday......cleaned all day rental was filthy!!
Sunday........shops to buy clean bedding/pillows/towels!
Monday........Bank...OMG what a pilava!!! I was told when in england that all i had to do to activate my account was to take in passports and english driving license...So a week before we came we transfered some money HIFX to our Westpac account...Arrived at bank handed over passports mine no problem Matt's however is an Australian passport and they wanted proof of address in Oz. Having never lived in Oz (passport by descent) and only arrived on fri we had no proof of address!! Righto we said take his name of joint account and I will run it on own till we get id he needs..NO they said money frozen!! NO i said my money which I need anyway to cut it short I came up with the idea of using Matt's english passport and being the same as me which they accepted. So hours later after going back to rental then back to bank they unfroze our money and activated account. Cards should arrive within 5 days and internet banking was straight away.
Then the landlady came to meet us and to collect washing left over by previous tenants....Where is it she said...I opened the door to the spare there I said...which bit she said...ALL of it I said it stinks please smell.....5 english bin bags later smell gone along with washing.....Time to settle up.........I knocked off the 300 dollars for laundry and cleaning!!!!
Then I decided to find out where the boxes I sent out on 27th January and had been in Australia since 21st March were..They contained Matt's work stuff kids toys etc and thought having few of our bits around us straight away would help us settle before container arrives! Liane bless her had been chasing them but they were giving her run around so my turn.....After ten mins on phone with me it's being delivered thursday so all good..So had little glass of wine felt better..Not normally like this but strooff!!!lol

Tues.......went to Kmart ...fab place had a funny conversation when assistant asked me if i wanted Layby!!!I had not a clue what she was on means to put goods aside and collect later but pay when you can before collection!! Funny though since we were talking about trampoline and I kept saying no kids want to play on it not lay on it!!!!hahaha no worries ! good day

Weds (today).......Matt went to work at 5am so I got up to lock door then the tears came....God felt terrible as I had a huge reality check being on own in Australia wondering what I doing here....However went on facebook for quick update within ten mins loads messages now feel back to normal.. Don't know what tomorrow will bring as it's my birthday and not got many friends here to celebrate with so will consol myself by opening my boxes!!(if they arrive!)

Sorry for the rant but wanted to tell you all exactly how it is for me...


Can't actually bear to tell you how the goodbyes were leaving my Tasha and mum as it will start me off again so will leave to another time....It is easier though when your here and have spoken to them for the first time.
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