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Slowly it does get better....
30 Jun 2011
Well we have now been here for 2 months and I would love to post that its fab and I love it but I really don't feel like that yet..however saying that things are improving...slowly..

Matt has finally found permanent work starts's been really hard though as he a bricklayer/ builder and walked straight into temp/casual work so thought it would be easy to get a permanent job...Wrong..he went to every site spoke to many builders we emailed his resume to everyone with email address we enrolled on every agency and applied for endless jobs..We were at our wits end when at 5am tues morning I was doing my usual job search and went onto gumtree jobs...found a job on there asking for pipe layers/ truck drivers/roads etc none of which Matt had the correct tickets for..I emailed them with yet another copy of his resume and bingo he got a call...2 hrs later got the job....Not all as rosey as it sounds as it's not great money to h start but does get better and in a month or so he will be working away and coming home for weekends..not too bad but after 8 weeks of doing that he will be 2 on 1 off up north although money alot better.. Not moaning very grateful he got work but if I was not already lonely enough it's going to get far worse!!
Saying that I have met few nice people and I am making the effort to get out there...My house is spotless and I even enjoy ironing now!! thats boredom for you LOL

Zoe 14 is loving school...she seems to be enojoying it more than when she was in england...still has bad days where she WANTS to go home now!!! She into longboarding now instead of hanging around or on facebook so thats good....(its a big skateboard I think!)

Madison 4 has started kindergarden..she had to wait for a space for 6 weeks and I had her on list before we came..Not used to 2 full days and 1 half day as she went everyday in england..but she loves getting her uniform on and hat (no hat no play rule here). She loves it but misses her nana's and sister Tasha terribly.

Both our mum's are booked to come for mum coming from oct and Matt's from dec and best of all my Tasha is coming from 4th dec to january 4th 158 days (not that I counting!) Tasha has got one of those round the world tickets with sta travel she leaves england middle nov goes to New Zealand for 2 weeks then flys to Sydney for 2 days then PERTH with me for month then South Africa for final 2 weeks before flying home....The whole lot 1600 pound obviously no accomodation but she got a camper for New Zealand and staying with us for the longest part...She very lucky as coming with boyfriend and both got career breaks paid for from work!!

My new rental is fab...massive 4 b/room theatre room study area ensuite air con and in a nice area all for $360 per week so thats a positive thing..

Loving the shops and sales and Layby...most of kids stuff for xmas already done...How sad is that doing it this time of year but sales are on so gives me something to do...

Bunbury itself to me feels like I have gone back 30years!! lovely place and beaches great but does get a bit boring with not alot going on..Everyone says the place thrives in summer so fingers crossed..

Well thats it for now hope this has given you all some insight as to what it's like here and hopefully as time goes by my posts will get better and more positive..Still early days yet and whatever I feel as my Zoe is 14 I shall be here in Oz till she finishes school as can not move her again at this stage so I will have to put up and shut up!!lol

Any help I can be to anyone just pm me as I always on computer!!

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