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the Adventure continues
15 Dec 2008
and it continues, we are feeling more settled now, ollie has really settled well in the nursery, so much so, he is bored at home, so we have booked him in for 4 days per week, while I work. He is learning so much there, so all good, had a huge rebate back from centrelink, those phone calls and trips to the worse place in the world have been worth it, the staff were really helpful (mandurah office), so nursery only costing $20.00 per day, and we get 50% of that back in 3 months. Great stuff.
House is good, just want our container, informed it should be here on the 22nd dec!, but not get the container till the middle of jan, christmas late for us this year, great present for ollie on his birthday, his bed!
Richard has a job in LANE FORD, early days only started today, so will see how that goes, my job is ok, again early days, things are different, drugs wordings etc, feel like a student all over again, had a better day today, so each day is getting better. As a family we love it, went to Rockingham foreshore yesterdya, the weather was 38, the sea was a blue as blue, all different shades, and we said, wow we are so lucky we live here, and no one can take that way from us. The day was great, swimming, etc, we did think of our families and friends and what they would be doing on a sunday in dec, and was glad we are here and not fighting with the wet weather and christmas shopping. Still I'm sure we will be different when christmas arrives, look out on GMTV, they are filming here on christmas eve, showing on christmas day I think, our banner will be there...... something to do with southend and poole dorset on it and the browns somewhere too....
Speak soon

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04 Dec 2008
5 weeks in,

Richard hasn't got a job, bless him, it's not from not trying, applying from the minute the paper arrives, or after breakie til after supper!!. It is a lot harder than we thought, esp with the world situation. Luckly Im working so all ok, just him being a mans man, wants to get out there and earn. Sure many men know what I mean. He makes great lunches though!!. maybe he should forget his trade and become a sarnie maker instead.
Mandurah is great, however, if he doesn't get work we will think about the east coast before we buy.
We are all happy we are here. Oh yeah and the weather is fab, makes not working alot easier!! think it's 29 tom, shame I'm working............ Umm I'm doing soemthing wrong here I think......
Thanks guys for your comments, the net here is a bit slow, so can't just jump on and go...

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23 Nov 2008
Hi all, well everything going really well, started work, all ok, oz nursing is very different to the UK, ie three leads ECG's are different (nurses will know what I mean). However, great. Child care, fab, ollie loves it, just need to get Richard a job, but bless him, hes working very hard at that. Alot harder than we thought, at least our bills are low, so my money should cover them for a while. Have brought a car from Perth, got a good deal with that. Picked up some bargains with furniture, awaiting the container, should be in Perth 22.12, so not for christmas, beach for us that day. Still never mind. Were here and happy, thats the main thing.
Have had a great birthday, going to ring the UK, not homesick, so thats good. Went to the Zoo yesterday great day out, joined for the year.

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