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1st christmas downunder
29 Dec 2008
Had a great day with MIKE & Kim, fab mates, look forward on catching up soon lovelys
24 Dec 2008
We are off to the GMTV recording today, banner in tow, how sad, but great fun, looking forward on meeting up with some others from this website. Strange feeling, knowing christmas is only a day away, we are abit christmasy but it has been stress free, no chasing around the shops, wrapped up in coats gloves etc. Only having us to buy for probably makes it alot easier, not sure really. I'm working for the next 3 days, last one in and all that. So will go to the beach after I finish at work, lovely' and not wrapped up in coats, wrapped up in factor 30 suncream instead. Beaut.
Anyway merry christmas to you all.
If anyone is heading to Mandurah, drive safe and be safe, I don't want to see you in ED.... Thanks!!!

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