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27 Mar 2009
Hi all, thought I should update my blog, not been on here for ages. Well alls good, we have settled very well, a few problems with work, but hope they will sort themselves out. I still work in ED, peel health campus, but due to sistuations, I have split my week with the private ward, alls well at the mo. Richards job is going well, even tho he gets ribbed most days, but being an essex boy, can take it on the chin, and get back more so!!!. Ollie has settled into nursery really well, and the odd ozzie word is coming out. Ie tonight, he was calling our *flip flops* thongs!!!!!!. bless him. We have had our first inspection for the rental this week, not bad for 5 months!, very naughthy for the owner tho. All went well, we are looking at buying soon. Probably an established house, we are on a building site at the moment, and can't be doing with the mess. But we need to find something we like, so not 100% sure of which road we will go down, build or buy. We like meadow springs outside of mandurah, however, richard works in subiaco, I would love to live near there, so I could go to work in Royal perth and the trauma unit, still has a pull for me. Subi is out of our price bracket, so we will have to go to visit, via the train on a friday then to kings park, is great and easy to do.
We have made lots of new friends now. Some ex pats, and some ozzies, off to some new friends 2mow, and they live in the next street, with a friend for ollie to play with. Mandurah is a great place to live, lots of different suburbs to explore, halls head is a great one, and loads of ex pats end up there, however, for us, its another 20 mins on richards trip. Things are dearer here, food is dear, but probably no different to the UK. The weather is great, and sitting on the foreshore with a good friend watching the dolphins swim by, puts life into concept of why we had all that heart ache, stress and fear of coming here. As I put on my thoughts in facebook

HAPPY DAYS.........,and they are. Thankyou all for the support and kindness, we need to arrange a get together in Kings Park, any thoughts?