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weekend in Margaret River
27 Apr 2009
Had a great weekend in Margaret River, visited the winery's, and beaches, had great lunch with friends from Bunbury. A must to do, only took us 2 hours from Mandurah, friday avro!!, long weekend, so not to bad. The resort we stayed in was called Margaret Beach Resort - Gnarabup. Beautiful place, had everything we needed, even washing machine and dryer, so no dirty washing to bring back. It was great for Ollie, very safe, we all chilled and had a great time. Much needed, got some great photos, will put on here, when I have downloaded them. We enjoyed it so much, we will be probably taking my mum & Dad there when they come over in 5 weeks time. If we had loads of money would love to buy a holiday home there, we can dream!!, need to buy an every day home first. anyway off to bed to dream about our great weekend away........ happy days.......... This is why we came to Oz.......... out weighs the tough times and days.!!!!
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