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buying a house
05 Aug 2009
The night before we start back in the world of home loans!!!! so chuffed, but I have to work tom, move in on friday, cant wait to get rid of this rental and the politics that goes with it xx
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02 Aug 2009
Phew, where has the time gone since blogging on here. Well, we have been busy re packing!!!!!!! yet again, some of the boxes are still packed from the UK, so christmas will be here very soon.
The house finance has gone through without a hitch, should I say that, ahhhhhh. We are completing on the 6th august. ahhhhhhhhhh. fingers crossed.

Well what an amazing finanical broker we have found, here in Mandurah, she has helped us, both for the purchase, loan etc, but also personally, a huge thank you. She advertises in the australia/ new zealand mag, found in the uk, we all had it while waiting to come here. Anyone wanting her details email me, and will let you have them.

The process here, is so easy, and stress free, looking back on my old blog entries, what a nightmare selling in the UK, thank good ness no more of that rubbish.

21 days after the homeloan is granted that is completion day! job done. Great.
Hence up at oh 3am, again, planning, writing lists of things to do etc etc, oh and having to work at the same time too. Still will be glad to get out of this rental, has been ok, made it home, but looking forward of becoming bunnings bestest friend. Oh and not forgeting Ikea!! yippeessss.
Anyway best go, another day of packing ahead, a few hours anyway, before heading out for a family day in the sun, not bad being the middle of winter..... 22 today.... whopp whoop
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08 Jul 2009
today, could be the day of finding out if we get our home loan, shouldn't be any hicups, but you never know, just need that phone call........ Then Lists away we go.
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30 Jun 2009
Latest update,
We are in the process of buying a house, its and established house, in the same area as we are renting. Got it for a good price, needs TLC, ex rental for a few years, with a bit of love, and care it will be really homely. We are all looking forward on getting into it, and out of here. Looking forward on getting rid of the extra boxes, from the move over. Not enough storage space at the moment to get all goodies out. So we will be having Christmas in July!!!!.

Used a great mortgage advisor, if anyone wants the detail email and I will let you have the contacts...

yipee, counting the days
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16 May 2009
yeah we can get a home loan, need 6 months wages, due to the climate change alot of banks re closing in, just like the uk, a year or so ago, as for the grant, thats extented so all well and good.

do we build or buy, build or buy buy build.............. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
10 May 2009
well, what do we do, build or buy............ nightmare, can't any worse than selling and coming from the UK. Have seen a mortgage advisor here in Mandurah, great lady, waiting to hear whether we can start the process off. Re Richard only working for 3 months they are tighting up, so will keep u posted.
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