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05 Jul 2009
Thanks bev, look forward on hearing your news too,
Ange x
03 Jul 2009
well, wow where has that time gone. My poor patients was told each week how long we had been here, hence working every friday!!!!. They would just smile and say wow!!!, they always knew how to kept the new pom happy!!!!!!, and the nurse givingthe next injection!!!

Where has that time gone, at times it seems longer, it hasn't been easy. Richard unable to get a job. First job lasted 2 days, local company. Then getting a job 3 months in, was hard on me, working from the minute we arrived. Not sure if I liked the hospital and the unit I worked in.

Missing friends and family was hard, but spoke many times either on the phone or skype. Being here and only 3 of us has brought us closer.
We are happy to be here, and realise how lucky we are to have been given the opportunity of being able to live here.

Ollie has settled really well, we are having to adapt to the Ozzie way of life for him, ie pants instead of trousers etc. No more lorries, know its trucks, he reminds us too!!!!.

Yeah the cost of living is higher, but when the sun is shining it is alot cheaper and nicer to have family time here than the UK.
We are having colder weather at the moment but not for long, so different to the UK.
We are so looking forward on moving into our new home, there is so much to do to it, it's 12yrs old, and needs alot of love, and attention, which is good for us. That will make us settle more, to get rid of the boxes in the theatre room will be a bonus. Sick of seeing john mason boxes everywhere. Christmas will be coming to us in july hopefully after all.

Our jobs have been a challenge at times, but we are aware of how lucky we are to have them. Have to grin and bear them. Until something better comes up.

Cant think if anything else at the moment, but will add, as an when


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