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23 Oct 2009
Wow, the biggest roller coast I have been on, and my I have been on a few in my life......,. Peaks and troughs, at the moment. We ask ourselves, not often each other, have we done the right thing. If we ask we other, it makes the other person question themselves. If that makes sense. We know we have, just need to get some good friends, and settle down a bit. I remember the times we were waiting to sell the cars, the house, and all aussiemovers at the time, supporting and the thrill of coming here, seems a distant past. Never forget those kind words and friendship we have made from here. Thankyou. Would we do it again, not sure, we left alot behind, nice cars, up together house, good jobs excellent friends and family support. BUT we knew what we wanted to do. It's easy to say if only...... but thats life, you have to live the dream and do it at times, we have brought an older house, needs alot of love, but we will get there, has a huge backyard!!, great family life, working less hours, and enjoying the ozzie lie. So yes we would do it again, maybe a bit different. Wouldn't rush like we did a year ago. But then we could have been like some, never do it, ok we don't have the best cars in the world, we have one 'family'looking car, and a company car, (ute)both have good jobs, our health and happiness, this has made us as a family alot stronger so not all bad. We just need to get over this year mile stone, and move on.............

Sorry not a good posting, but a truthful one............. next one would be better..

I want to know if our dear old rocket (old car) if still alive..........
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