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07 May 2011
Blimey, been s long long time since being on here, and glad to see it is still as good as ever.

We have been here 3 years in Oct, not sure where this time has gone. We have had a lot of challenges, like most. Its not as easy as we think it will be. But hey, glad we are here, looking and hearing the rest of the world. Perth isnt a bad place. Go to Kings Park watch the sun set, priceless.... And we live here!!! how amazing.
About us.

Changed jobs, left the private hospital... phew, working at Rockingham as the Infection Control Clinical Nurse, loving it. Full of Pomms, but a great happy place. Say no more on that. :). Completed the Infection Control course at SCGH last year, very taxing. Never STUDYING AGAIN. So hard juggling, over it. Wanting to do more with family and friends. Working on that one.

Changed job too, working for Mitchilin based in Perth, but off to mine sites time to time. Back playing golf (handy we are walking distant to course). Keen for new buddies to play with.

Loving school, now into pre primary, doing so well, started playing soccer for both the school and an independent team, has swimming lessons, a great swimmer.
My beautiful whiskas cat, we had to have him put to sleep in March, broke my heart, :(

We have finished the house, new kitchen,laundry room, painted through out, lights changed etc etc etc......... Looks lovely now. Working on the garden plans now tho,
More family time, no more painting,no more white paint........ happy days ahead.

Would love to hear from anyone this end of Perth (Mandurah area) and whats happening with the others that were on here at the same time as us moving over.

Speak soon
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