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09 Nov 2008
hi Jo

the way things are going we will be here for another year or so. as all our money tied up in house. when we eventually sell we are moving to rented and start saving like mad. want to go with at least
07 Nov 2008
hi all

got the estate agent coming round friday 3.30pm. wants to take new pics as the old ones seem a bit dark! think its a bit darker out now!!!!
he also mentioned reducing the price AGAIN!!!
looked on rightmove to compare our house with others of similar size, we're still competively priced methinks. don't think we will reduce just yet...

on another note, can't believe they reduced interest rates by 1 1/2 % !!!!!
we're on a fixed rate of 6% !! bugger...

why won't someone buy my house!!

moan over, for now..

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