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08 Jun 2009
hi mindblower

we have not got visa yet, was told we could be out in 8 wks so wanted to sell house first! as the sale of the house finances the move we're stuck til it sells.
property seems to be levelling out here for now, or is it just a blip..
i think waiting a year would be good,and as you rightly say, jobs are getting tight over there now.
i have a good job with good prospects but still want to go. i have 2 yrs before i'm 45 so set that as the time limit. if it doesn't happen by then, may never happen!!

glad you seem to be getting on alright tho. like reading the blogs and entries in the discussion forum.
07 Jun 2009
well, we are still here:(
house still hasn't sold!
now we are comtemplating coming of the market for a year, to see if things get better.
we are losing to much money on the house. being that the move depends on the house sale and the money from it, which isn't that much and is getting less all the time...
we have been waiting for 15 months for that elusive sale.

on the other hand both our jobs are going very well.
coming on this site keeps our hope up.
reading the successful relocations,such as melanddavid,is keeping the dream alive.
but for how long!!!!

bye for now

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