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15 Aug 2009

thanks for all your comments, justs make you feel better when people agree with what & why you are doing things. hopefully in a years time we will be in a much better position and the housing market will have settled or improved(which seems to be happening).also, as the main applicant another years experience as a manager will stand us in good stead.

thanks again

Mike & Sam xx
12 Aug 2009
Hi everyone

Well, we have taken the house of the market for now, as we weren't getting anywhere and losing too much money. we have decided to wait for a year and start again. which is not what we wanted to happen, but in the present climate we think it is right.
On the work front, i have been promoted to mananger :) which will only strenghen my prospects when we get to Australia.
The move is still in the pipeline but need to make sure we have enough money behind us so we don't struggle or worse, have to come back! we are now gonna concentrate on clearing as much debt as possible.

Mike & Sam
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