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still to start
29 Apr 2008
hi sharron & mick

thanks for the reply.
we're hoping, and get the impression, life will be better, not neccessarily cheaper but better.

mike & sam
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29 Apr 2008
we are waiting to start the process, going to seminar on the 4th may, lets see what they say.
have had a few chats in the chat room with some of you, moirclan, synikki,theuncles, junika to name a few. many thanks for the info you have given me and reassurance.

sell the car after the seminar,house on market, hopefully it will sell, very quiet round here.

once house is sold, source rental for 6 months and get the ball ROLLING!

eldest son not wanting to go yet, still working on that one, youngest thinks its a holiday, good.

we want to go as we are fed up with the way this country is going and feel this will be a freah new start.

will be sorry to leave my job as it is progressing well.

think that will do for now

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