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02 Jun 2008
Hi guys, thanks for all your comments and good luck wishes! Feel it will be a very long day today just waiting for the phone to ring - watching paint dry spings to mind! Will update again as soon as we have some news.
Sam x

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02 Jun 2008
Hi all

Well you all know how slow the house market is in the UK at the moment, with that in mind we decided to go and see some friends in Leighton buzzard.
Would you believe it, the estate agent phoned! They have a couple, house SOLD, wanting to view our house that afternoon.!!!!
Sam, in shock, replies 'oh my god the house is a tip, we just left everything for later'.
They are now coming today @1.30. So you know what we've been doing all morning!
Having a rest and a coffee so I thought I'd update blog.

Got everything crossed!?:

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