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2nd viewing!!
15 Jun 2008
well the day went well, til the end.!!!

saw the agent, yes we can go on 457 visa, could be there in 8 wks!! if i wanted to work in NT.
don't need to do medicals on 457 as i won't be working for the health sevice, schools etc.boys would need chest x rays, and us, explained needed to sell house 1st so we had the money. so xmas is still a possibility if we sell!!!

2nd viewing seemed to go ok, as we weren't there. they liked it ,again! they chatted outside to EA for about 5-10 mins as well.

then the day got worse!
we decided to take the rover as we are selling Laguna, rev counter hasn't been working right for a while. i thought dodgy wire! but alas, when we stopped outside of local shop to get some rolls for a Barbie, wouldn't start!!! bugger!!
we walked home, luckily not far as sam doing walk for life tommorrow.
took laguna down and jump started rover. me thinks new alternator needed. bugger. more money....

just gotta wait on EA now.

enuff for now

mike & sam
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14 Jun 2008

got 2nd viewing tomorrow at 2pm.the people that have sold their house who came 2wks ago...
we're not there!!!
seeing agent in london!:)
so hopefully good news soon:)

could all fall into place yet....

mike & sam
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