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04 Aug 2008
hi all

Had another little meet up, this time with the Westerns.
A family from Wroughton near Swindon. Had a good chat for a couple of hours in a pub in Chippenham. Very nice family, got on well. Sam and Vikki seemed to get on well as well.
They fly out on the 4th sept i think, so not long to wait for them.
We hope to meet up again in Oz when ever we get there!
Mel&David couldn't make it but hope to meet up with them again soon.

On another note, no ones buying anything!!
Still no takers on the house.
Had car on e-bay 4 times with no joy:(
Gonna do a boot sale soon, that should be fun!!!

Starting to clear garage tomorrow!! that also should be fun:) not..

think that will do for now, til next time

Mike and Sam
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