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Estate Agents!!!!
11 Sep 2008
Sometimes I wonder how these people actually make it through the day. Agent phoned up today with information about a new incentive they are trying to market to get the market up and moving again. In a nutshell, a buyer only pays you 75% of the agreed price while taking a maximum of 10 years to pay the remaining 25%. Hmmm - now I am sure that for some this may be an advantage and a way out. BUT surely if they had looked through our file properly it quite clearly states that we are coming off the property ladder so why on earth would we want to leave 25% of our house behind!!!! Thank god Mike took the call, I would not have been as polite as he was, so well done hubby!
We have not had a viewing for nearly 8 weeks now. Seriously considering doing a total paint overhaul on the lounge/diner. It looks fine as it is but maybe with a fresh and slight different colour of paint it MIGHT catch someones eye soon.

Moan over

Sam x
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