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27 Nov 2008
hi guys,its been awhile,we have been keeping an eye on the site but been very busy trying to settle kids and ourselves.it aint easy but we knew it wudnt be.andrea has had bad homesick days and will have many more,i love it er but even i think about home now and then.i still remember the day we got the golden ticket to come over and i read of some that got theirs recently.congrats to you and to everyone else thats waiting i hope you get r visas asap.its tough starting over but its great here and the hot weather will start soon and thats the start of my illicit affair with the beach.i got a job driving a bin truck,till i got a job i construction but i might be heading to the mines for a bit til i make some of the money i have spent since i av been over,it aint cheap er but neither was home,well chat soon good luck to all and a merrry xmas,ps its weird wearing shorts at xmas time,doesnt feel like xmas
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