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My Birthday!
20 Sep 2008 is my birthday today and I should be away for the weekend! But I am not! Anyway got some lovely things and cards. My mum's made my lip wobble some what. Knew it would. The boys (Lee and James) are off on my weekend away to Liverpool! Am a bit pig sick but never mind! Have plenty to occupy me over the time. Got loads of sorting ready for the men on Wednesday! A friend popped over last night. Wierd that I probably won't see her again! My other friend came over this morning to drop my card in and she is taking me for dinner on Tuesday! My little sis is over any minute so that I can do her a pedicure and some nails!!! So all in all a nice birthday really although I am not where I thought I would be!! This time next year it will be on a Saturday so perhaps a party might be in order with any of you guys who fancy it!!!!!!!

Can I just say a very BIG thank you to you guys for your messages! Made my day! Am feeling jealous coz my hubby and son are watching the Reds take on Stoke and I should be there!!! Am a bit emotional today. Going through all the old photos (bloody loads of em!). There is more to come I know! Thanks again you lovely lot, really can't wait to finally meet you all!!!! (PS...Audrey you are soo right! Probably goes better after a few glasses!!)


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