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Bloomin Car!
22 Sep 2008
Well we thought we had sold the car yesterday. A young guy...said defo want it. Shook Lee's hand and said would get cash and bring it back last night. Ofcourse he didn't show. Obviously a gentlemans agreement means nothing nowadays. Anyhoo Lee seeing a bloke today and just had another call. Thing is, it is a great car am sure it will go but just so annoying that this kid said to Lee not to see this other bloke today etc etc. Should have taken a deposit really but you think when you handshake then deal done. Naive I suppose. SO 8 days to go. Just finished cleaning the sofa etc. Gonna take down the table and the boys beds I will do tomorrow. Then men then come Weds to take or wordly goods. We will then be looking at a tiny telly (not good for the Liverpool derby on sat!!) and sitting on silly little chairs! Only for 5 days so shouldn't be too bad really. Let's hope upon hope that we sell the car before we go!!!! Fingers crossed. X
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