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Last Weekend In Blighty!
27 Sep 2008
Bit scary! Just doing the last bits as in getting rid of stuff. Skip turned up this morning and was bloomin early!! Lee has gone to get luggage today (we are very last minute people you know!). My family are over tomorrow so will be tissues at the ready. Seeing Lee's mum and sister on Monday (won't be so many from me that's for sure!!!). Then off on Tuesday. I collect my cerificates on Monday then I will definitely be a fully fledged Nail Technician in writing!! The mail redirection has been a pain in the bum... computers are supposed to make life a bit easier?!?!?!? Will get it done this afternoon just one thing after another. Joshua still really doesn't get it. As we were walking up to the Post Office we were talking about Oz and I said are you looking forward to Australia. He said yeah it will be good to be with new friends and then see mine in one month! I then said no hun it is forever! Very puzzled look on his face and he says what forever ever. I said yeah. He just oh ok then. Kids!!!! Right have just rambled really with no purpose here so will go! Thanks guys for your comments and support really can't wait to finally put faces to blogs!!!!!!!

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