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19 Jan 2009
Reaching my milstones, one at a time.

Each step in the process of applying for a Visa is a mini milestone and provides an overwhelming sense of relief when reached.

Today Monday 19 January, my application and all supporting documentation was captured in Johannesburg and will (hopefully) be couriered to the Australian High Commission in Pretoria shortly. (Everyone, cross your fingers, toes and eyebrows)

My medical is completed and also on it's way to Pretoria - I hope that it all comes together in one piece. (Again, cross your fingers, your toes and your ears)

I've now reached the point where I sit and wait patiently. I'm provided with an online tracking facility to check the progress of the Visa. (I'm not sure if the website is prepared for the number of hits it's going to receive in the coming weeks.Not only from me, but also my mom)

If I arrive in Australia looking like a racoon from sleep deprivation - you can blame the High commission for the torture of waiting, and the sleepless nights of anticipation and nerves. My eyebrows are already falling out!

Hope to see you soon

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