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4 Weeks and Counting....
06 Feb 2009
There are 600 and something Hours until my Quantas flight departs from Johannesburg International Aiport for Perth!

My Visa took precisely 8 working days to come through and the entire process of downloading documents, medicals, submission was a total of 25 days from start to finish.
The entire process has been smooth and hassle free, unfortunately not stress free, but I've survived unscathed.

It took less than 30 minutes from collecting my passport and heading back to work and resigning from my soul-destroying job. I now have only 3 weeks left of work (WOOO HOOOO!!!!) and 4 weeks left in South Africa...

I have amazed myself at the things that I have started to notice now that I am leaving. Like how pretty things here really are, and how eclectic our country really is. I've started enjoying the cultural diversity and have a fascination for the beautiful countryside which we still have left. These are all things that I will miss in Australia, but I am looking forward to the adventure that lies ahead of me.

The announcement to friends, family and colleagues has come with mixed reactions, many of them negative and many of them unexpected. It's all part of the process of letting go and moving on. I've had to learn to accept that not everyone is going to be happy FOR me and also to respect that others don't know how to react and therefore make nasty or sinister comments. With my excitement, it's easy to ignore the negative, because I have SO much to look forward to.

The greatest thing I have learnt about this entire experience, is that I am not 'running away' from South Africa, I'm actually running TO something - My Family.
I've learnt the same lesson time and time again in my short life - I cannot be without my support structure and family. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, your heart and home are with your family.

And I..........will be with my family in a few short weeks!

Watch out WA....here I come!
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