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Greatest advice for 'leavers'17 Feb 2009
Greatest advice for 'leavers'17 Feb 2009
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Greatest advice for 'leavers'
17 Feb 2009
If there is one good piece of advice that I have received in the last few weeks, it has to have been the phone call I received from Selwyn yesterday.

After reading my last blog post 'first of the lasts' Selwyn phoned to see if I was 'doing ok' and to check how many Kleenex boxes I'd been through. Surprisingly to him and ME, I haven't cried, YET!

What Selwyn did say, was that I should make the most of the few days I have in South Africa. What he actually said was - Go out, get drunk, dance on tables, shag your lungs out(Block your eyes Mom, He actually said that!!!)

He said that the next few weeks are about making memories and that it's good to look back at everything I have here, but to know that when the plane takes off the runway, the massive weight will be lifted off my shoulders. With a bit of luck I will be completely cool, calm and collected by the time I land in Perth. Actually with a bit of luck, I'll have cleaned out the booze trolley and will land in a Very 'jovial' mood.
- I am my mother's daughter, so don't judge me!

Hearing it from Selwyn was exactly what I needed. I have been trying hard to make the most of my last weeks here, but had this tiny sense of guilt in the back of my mind that I was being selfish. The truth is, I want to experience as much as possible, even if it exhausts me. I just want to be with the people that I love and care about for one more time.

The most important thing for me, is to leave all the baggage behind, not my actual luggage, just the baggage. I want to get to a point where I can leave knowing that dust has settled, and that I am starting with a clean slate.

So, Cheers to the next few weeks!

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