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Into the final Stretch24 Feb 2009
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Greatest advice for 'leavers'17 Feb 2009
Greatest advice for 'leavers'17 Feb 2009
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Into the final Stretch
24 Feb 2009
There are just TEN DAYS left...

It feels like time has flown by, from the decision on the 4th of January to my last week of corporate grey suits and bullshit! I feel that I have still have a mountain of work to complete before handing over, letting go and seizing the power on Friday.
My daily to do list gets longer each morning, and I fear by Friday may not be any shorter. Sorry for the poor sucker that has to pick up this mess.

In between coming to the end of my Change Management career, there's a ton of personal stuff to complete. I think perhaps the most important would be to get a SUITCASE? I'm not sure SAA will take lightly to Black Plastic Bin Bags? Although I think they are in such a pickle at the moment, they might not care?

Time is starting to run out to see and spend time with all those that I love and will be leaving behind. I have dinner plans/drinks/parties every night until I leave - please God can I not have forgotten anyone, because there just isn't enough time. I'm dreading next week, because I know it will all finally sink in and then there really will be no more time.

To date my emotional state has remained almost sane, with only one tearful session last week. I fear there might be a few tears this week(note to self: must buy waterproof mascara) with the start of the goodbye's to those that are closest to me, my friends, colleagues and family. The toughest thought for me, is saying goodbye to my SA family.
I know they understand and are wishing me all the best, but I am totally dreading the last goodbye's. I'm hoping there is a LOT of Vodka on the inflight booze trolley's - I'm going to need it!

My South African Family...
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