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One year on...27 Feb 2011
One year on...
27 Feb 2011
We have struggled a little financially... moving over at the 'wrong time' has made it more difficult listening to the 10 pound pome stories etc. Our eldest cried all the way to the airport. Within 3 months he had decided that the UK was a place to visit but that he wanted to live here in Perth for the rest of his life! He is an active member of Aussie Rules Football (after playing local soccer in the UK) and a keen surf lifesaving member. I remember his first wave jumping at Trigg when he cried and watch him swim the 'can swim' without a care in the world (whilst I frantically watch out for any marine life!). The youngest is a dynamo and think she would have settled anywhere. However, she loves life with a pool and loves being able to run around outside and visit the beach as often as she likes. The school is lovely and I think we can now say the children are fully settled, with Aussie twangs already evident. Watch out for the 'noyy' instead of the 'no'. As for us. We are going back to the UK for a visit for the first time around the 2 year mark, just to see if we have forgotten how good the UK is. We love Perth. We find some things odd... like the price of fuel fluctuating (seems to be cheaper on a Tuesday), the lack of heating in winter and love the others... like our lovely friends we have made, the free parking, the pristine parks and beaches, the lack of 'hoody-culture' etc... I have learned to be less uptight about life, us Pomes do tend to be over-anxious about things that really don't matter... my friends are still working on me but I resist some ways just to try and work out what is really me and what is the oppression I condoned within the UK. Of course, I miss my friends and family but actually think we are blessed to be able to live here. People value living in the present here, rather than striving for something to enjoy when they retire. Some of my friends have found missing their Mum the hardest obstacle and that has led them to return to the UK. I would miss the time I share with my children if we ever left Perth. Jumping waves, snorkelling, swimming, picnics, bbqs are for sharing! :)
Swimming with wild dolphins off the coast of WA in knee high water... incredible!
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