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29 Nov 2008
Well folks, the visa has been granted. A bit of an odd feeling actually. You go through years of decision making and research, it took a whole year to get a case officer, then just one month later......'I am pleased to advise you that your application....blah.....has been granted. No fanfare, no certificate, nothing. We are actually probably a little bit in shock as it is now so very real!

Can anyone tell us: do we now just have to show up on Australia's doorstep with the right passport before the required date expires.....and thats it???

Oh shopping tomorrow for the last time in Scotland! (we would like to think we will have sold the house by next christmas....surely??

Anyway, going to bed now, although may struggle to get to sleep. will be too busy thinking about stuff and the fact that its -4 outside!......won't miss the weather thats for sure!

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