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06 Apr 2009
This time of year is great. The sun is out, the flowers are coming through and that really does boost your mood. Wishing everyone out there a happy time over Easter and to say continue to have hope in your dreams. I am constantly scouring the internet to look for news of improvements in the housing market and the economy and certainly this week i have read a few things that hint that things may be starting to take a turn for the better.In the housing market, mortgage approvals rose from 32,000 to 38,000 in February, while the Nationwide measure of house prices rose by 0.9% in March, the first monthly rise in that index in over a year. There were also figures showing a slowdown in the pace of decline in the manufacturing sector.I may be disillusioned and these reports may not be accurate but they certainly give me hope that things may be on the up. Where would any of us be without hope. Reading the current thread ' Bored ' does make you question your reasons for this life changing move. However I am still convinced we are doing it for the right reasons and do appreciate that it is not a quick fix for anything. Our thoughts go to the family that have had the bereavement.Hope they have the support that they need at this time. Take care everyone. Andrea